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What is white label wedding catering?

Published on 27th September 2021

Introducing Wild Roots

We’ve been wanting to create a blog for a while now and it seemed only fitting to make our debut post all about who we are, what we do and – most importantly – why we do it…so relax, grab a cuppa and read all about the link between wedding venues, Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar, what exactly a white-label wedding catering company does – and why!

Wedding Planning & Venue Consultancy

Our very own Zoë Binning comes from a prolific background of weddings and events, having substantial experience in both wedding planning and wedding venue consultancy. Getting to know the industry so well has nurtured a well-seasoned passion in the field, but has also highlighted for her, the shortfalls faced by wedding venues time and time again – especially when it comes to wedding and event catering.

External wedding caterers

Over the years, Zoë came to recognise two main issues in this regard. Firstly, with numerous venues operating with a multi-faceted business setup as opposed to exclusively running weddings, they didn’t always have an in-house wedding caterer in place as there just wasn’t a need. Therefore, these venues were left with two choices; either allow couples to bring in their own choice of wedding caterer, or work with a partner caterer who would manage and then take a cut from each wedding hosted.

Whilst neither of these outcomes sounds particularly problematic, Zoë found recurring challenges with each. Allowing in suppliers and caterers on a wedding-by-wedding basis creates the very real risk that the venue isn’t respected to the level required or expected from a venue’s own team. A lack of cohesion between the wedding venue and the on-the-day wedding food supplier runs the risk of myriad inconsistencies when it comes to the working expectations of each another – especially when that collaboration only lasts one day.

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Your reputation

Perhaps even more detrimental to venues is the issue of reputation by association. With so many wedding caterers offering similar things, the risk of a couple inadvertently choosing one with lower-quality products and services (particularly when trying to save money by going with the very cheapest options) is significantly increased. How does this affect a venue? Put simply, if a guest has a bad experience with any aspect of a wedding – most notably the food – their negative opinion ultimately gets placed on the wedding venue, because that’s where they encountered it. Makes sense, right? Whether the caterer is connected to the wedding venue really doesn’t mean much for the average guest; a dodgy meal at a lush location still doesn’t do much for the reputation of the location!

However, opting to work with one outside catering business presents its own set of challenges. If a client comes forward to hire the venue but doesn’t like the specifically allocated wedding catering solution, the venue staff are at risk of needing to have difficult conversations and potentially even losing business when explaining that alternatives are not permitted.

All of this sounds pretty tough to navigate, right?!

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar wedding catering canapes at Fonmon Castle

White label wedding catering

After seeing first-hand the twists and turns faced by wedding venues with regards to caterers (as well as realising she was having an increasingly hard time recommending wedding caterers who were as fantastic front of house as they were on the food creation side – and vica versa) Zoë decided that she didn’t want to do things this way! What she realised the industry really needed to see was a wedding catering business that excelled both in terms of the food it was offering and the all-important front of house service, but that operated under a white-label wedding catering model, thus enabling the venue staff to tell prospective clients that they have their own in-house provision, thus negating the need to justify why the client couldn’t bring in their own external caterer (you wouldn’t ask to do that in a hotel, now would you?!)…

…Enter Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar! Established in 2020, Wild Roots was born to be a white label caterer, to bridge the increasingly large gaps being exposed in the wedding and events industry, enabling venues and their wedding catering solution to work to a completely cohesive and mutually excellent standard!

Sustainability in the wedding industry

Of course, there was another enormous flaw in the industry that Zoë created Wild Roots to actively challenge: a lack of sustainability, high levels of waste and a generally dismissive attitude towards environmental concerns in the wedding industry. If you’ve been following our journey for any length of time, you’ll already know that a passion for sustainability and the desire to make weddings, events and corporate catering more eco friendly is the driving force behind Wild Roots. But alas, that’s a blog post for another day… (now how’s that for a cliff-hanger?!)

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Vegan Afternoon Tea wedding catering at the Temple of Peace

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar puts sustainability, eco-friendly and low-waste catering practices combined with incredible food & front of house service, at the heart of everything we do.

We provide corporate & event catering to businesses across South Wales which we can deliver to your place or work, or individually to all of your delegates working from home, ahead of your virtual meetings.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, visit our home page or get in touch with us directly, at theteam@wildrootskitchenandbar.co.uk

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