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5 top tips to plan your wedding day

Published on 18th May 2022

Here are our five key considerations that underpin the entire wedding planning process and make the perfect starting point for organising your special day.

To write this blog post, I sat down with our very own Zoë Binning, Wedding Business consultant and wedding expert, who has worked in the Welsh wedding industry for years and is of course, the founder of Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar to understand exactly what you need to prioritise when it comes to planning your wedding, so read on for Zoë’s expert advice.

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Zoe Binning Wedding Business Consultant & host of The Icing on the Cake wedding planning podcast

What sort of wedding do you want?

First things first, it’s absolutely key to establish with your partner the sort of day you both actually want. Sounds obvious, right? In reality, you’d be surprised how many couples can run into issues later down the line when it turns out they both have conflicting visions for the main event! How traditional or unique do you want it to look? Will you be aiming for a more formal or laid-back affair? And, most critically, how many guests will you be inviting? Getting an idea of numbers should undoubtedly be at the top of your priority list when it comes to early preparations for a wedding, no matter what route you ultimately decide to go down.

How to budget for your wedding

Once you have the basics under your belt, the second step is putting together a ballpark estimate of the budget you'll need to make your dream day a reality. Remember that your overall cost is going to be largely dictated by the number of friends and family you're planning on inviting; you’ll need to feed everyone in attendance at least once, and potentially twice depending on the structure of the day. Luckily, Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar can help you there - we have a range of flexible and personalisable packages to fit a wide variety of budgetary requirements, so ensuring your guests enjoy fabulous food as you tie the knot doesn't need to be a difficult task! (But more on that later…)

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Vegan Afternoon Tea wedding catering

How to style your wedding day

You’re going to want to work out fairly early on in your planning process what kind of visuals you're wanting for the big day. Getting hung up on a rigid theme is - against popular belief - more likely to hinder than help. Creating something too formal or precise doesn't have to be the answer for an aesthetically cohesive wedding. Instead, focus more on the kind of colour palette and decor you like best to make the backdrop of proceedings (and those all-important pics!) consistent and beautiful, as well as reflective of your personality and preferences as a couple.

Selecting your wedding venue

Speaking of stunning backdrops, do you have a dream venue in mind? Conversely, maybe the mere thought of picking out the perfect location is a totally overwhelming prospect?! Either way, one major factor to keep at the forefront of your plans is the amount of attendees as you say “I do”. Of course, you're looking for somewhere that can help you achieve the flawless atmosphere and scenery, but it also needs to accommodate your numbers. Another huge consideration is when you're hoping to get hitched; venues can sell out a few years in advance, so it’s well worth getting a venue booking under your belt as soon as you’re able, in order to avoid disappointment or major compromise.

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Wedding Ceremony St. Donat's Castle courtyard image by Aga Tomaszek Photography
Credit: Aga Tomaszek Photography

Your key wedding suppliers

Finally, it’s time for the really fun bit: picking out the perfect suppliers! This is what really distinguishes your’s from any other wedding. Important ones to get ticked off are a photographer (and videographer if you want to get really fancy!), florist, cake maker and dress maker/tailor.

If your venue accommodates bringing in an external caterer, you’ll also have to consider the kind of food and drink you're looking for to keep you and your guests refreshed throughout the day and night…enter Wild Roots!

A small, daytime event is perfectly suited to our afternoon tea packages, complete with bubbly to let your loved ones toast your eagerly-anticipated marriage. Alternatively, evening catering for a summery marquee wedding can be settled with our popular street pizza or smokehouse BBQ options, guaranteed to please a crowd! For a more traditional, three-course wedding breakfast, we’ve got you covered with a curated menu of mouthwatering options to choose from. All that to say: no matter what kind of catering is your ideal fit, we have the variety and flexibility to make sure all that planning and preparation pays off and your wedding is remembered for all the best reasons

That initial engagement bubble really is an unmatched period of joy, excitement and (let’s be honest!) overwhelming desire to create the most perfect celebration of your love for one another. Going from just living out your daily existence to suddenly planning the biggest day of your lives is one hell of a jump, and one huge personal responsibility! The long and short of it is that you deserve to have the day of your dreams, and getting that initial organising process doesn’t have to be as stressful and mind-blowing as it first seems.

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Pink Cadillac outside The Old Rectory wedding venue. Image by Lloyd Williams Photography
Credit: Lloyd Williams Photography

5 top tips to plan your wedding

Hopefully, those 5 tips on getting started with your wedding arrangements are a helpful starting point. Once again, the whole team here at Wild Roots would love to congratulate you on this fabulous new adventure and don't forget to take the time to soak up all that wonderful engagement bliss in the midst of all those upcoming preparations!

For more help and advice on how to plan your wedding from start to finish, subscribe to Zoë’s fantastic podcast ‘The Icing on the Cake’ which will take you through every single step you need to follow to ensure your wedding day is as stress-free and perfectly executed as possible.

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