The catering and the weddings industries are renowned for being very wasteful in nature, but we wanted to do things differently!

Here at Wild Roots, sustainability and social responsibility are central to absolutely everything that we do and before we make any decisions, buy anything or agree to any idea, we try very hard to consider the environmental and social impact of our actions, so that we can work out how to do things better.

We created Wild Roots to enable us to control the supply chain and create environmentally-friendly choices, offering locally-sourced and sustainably-raised meat, fish and vegetables as well as a much wider range of plant-based menu options for our customers, than you’d usually expect to find at a large catered event. All wrapped in fully compostable and/or recycled and recyclable packaging.

We don’t get it right every time and we know that’s its an ever-evolving challenge, but we are trying every day to reduce our carbon footprint and to become more eco-aware in our approach to everything we tackle as a business.

Our Sustainable Journey


Half of our team are plant-based or vegan and as a result, it’s incredibly important to us, to demonstrate that... being plant-based doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy awesome, delicious and inspiring food with a considerably lower carbon-footprint. Don’t worry, we do create meat and dairy based dishes too for those of you who can’t give up the bacon sarnies and cheeseboards, but we want everyone to have an amazing set of food choices, regardless of their dietary requirements and the number of guests they have to cater for.

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Our team kit comes from the Isle of Wight based Teemill, part of Rapanui who have an incredible & sustainability ethic as well as a circular fashion concept. We’re incredibly proud to support them and are constantly in awe of their business and its development.
We are also delighted to say that our aprons are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and we hope you agree, they look awesome!

Shop local

Our ingredients are sourced from Welsh based suppliers wherever possible and we are working hard with our suppliers, who also are doing their best to become as eco-conscious as they can be. Wherever we can, we use produce from our own allotments and gardens too!


We recycle as much of our own food and packaging waste as we can through our own composters, which we in turn use to feed our allotments and gardens. It really is a circular process!


We are fully committed to minimising the single-use plastic in our packaging and our supply chain. Our packaging and labels are all fully compostable (even the glue!) and although we haven’t yet managed to find the perfect solution for everything - we are working very hard to improve on this and our ‘How To…’ Recycling guide available to download will keep you updated on how to dispose of everything we send out.

If you want to chat to us about any aspect of our mission to
reduce our carbon footprint or have any suggestions for us,
we’d love to hear from you!

As a business, we are working towards the following Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s):

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