At Wild Roots, we do our best to reduce the amount of packaging and paper that we create in all that we do, particularly in our corporate and party boxes and as a result, we have opted to put everything in one place for you, so that you can view our menus, recycling information and games online or download them if you need to!

Want to know how to recycle our packaging?

What’s in your box?

You asked us to include a menu in our boxes. We don‘t want to create more recycling, so we have included them here for you to view or download if you need to:

Order Forms & Extras

Additional Drinks List Group Order Form

Having a virtual party?

Quiz Scavenger Hunt Charades

Romantic night in?

Who Knows Who Best Quiz 50 Date Night Ideas

Wedding & Event Menus

Wedding & Event Menu Corporate Sit-down Lunch Menu Bar Tariff


If you’ve enjoyed one of our party boxes or we’ve catered for your event, please leave us a review. It makes a massive difference to a small business such as ours:

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