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The carbon footprint of weddings and how to be a sustainable & ethical caterer

Published on 28th November 2021

Here at Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar, being sustainable and ethical in our approach to corporate and wedding catering underpins every decision we make. In this post, we want to tell you a bit more about how we work, to try to reduce the carbon footprint of our food.

Sustainability in wedding catering

We hear the buzzword ‘Sustainability’ all the time, we know it lies at the heart of what businesses should be aiming to improve – let’s be honest, we know our daily lives could all do with a bit more consideration of it. But why does Wild Roots feel so strongly about sustainability as a key factor in the running of our wedding and corporate catering company?

Let’s stick to weddings for this bit, as it’s the basis of why Wild Roots came into being…

Despite often being overlooked, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that wedding catering generates a lot of waste! An average wedding in the UK produces 14,500kg co2* - that’s for just one day! (To give you a bit of context, one person driving a car for a whole year, creates around 4,600 kg co2 and if you go out for a meal in a restaurant, that generates around 8 kg co2.)

So 14,500kg co2 every time a couple says ‘I do’ is massive! And the vast majority of that is the food!

Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar Couple holding hands tree hugging carbon footprint of wedding catering

Over-catering & food waste

All comes down to the choices that people make, often without understanding the implications. Just a couple of amendments to a wedding breakfast can make a massive difference to the carbon footprint. Now we’re not asking everyone to go vegetarian or vegan on their special day (we totally get that isn’t going to work for everyone) but let’s take red meat as an example; beef and lamb particularly have a massive carbon footprint compared with locally sourced and seasonal produce, so why not opt for a veggie based starter and dessert and just keep meat for the main course? You’d be amazed how many ‘accidentally vegan’ dessert options there are out there and we guarantee that you’d never know the difference!

Over-catering is a huge issue at weddings. We definitely don’t want guests to go hungry and no one wants to run out of food, so it’s definitely about being more aware of how you present food to wedding guests. Buffets always come at a price, as couples and caterers feel the need to over-cater to make absolutely certain that none of their guests are caught short at the buffet spread - as this reflects badly on the couple, the wedding venue and the caterer. However this well-intended logic is usually unnecessary; not only can couples be forking out (see what we did there?!) far more than they need on food for their special day, but all the leftovers inevitably end up in the bin. Not a sustainable result!

Wedding catering for vegetarians and vegans

Plant-based Zoë also wanted to tackle the outdated notion of underwhelming, uninspired vegan catering options. Quite frankly, we strongly believe that there is no place in this day and age for the calibre of non-meat based menu options to be anything less than exceptional. Vegetarian and vegan guests shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to catering – left with a predictably dry nut roast or lacklustre risotto, whilst those eating meat beside them tuck into a thoughtful and lovingly curated meal.

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Locally sourced, ethical meat

This isn’t to say that we don’t believe there is a place for high-quality, locally and ethically sourced animal produce – our business isn’t entirely plant-based because of this and we still offer fantastic options for meat-eaters, still with sustainability in mind - as we feel this should only be an addition where it truly adds to the offering, rather than an underpinning feature of our entire business, as is generally seen across the board when it comes to wedding caterers and their respective menus.

The carbon footprint of our food

Finally, and crucially, we come to look at sustainability in terms of our own carbon footprint. We strive to minimise the distance our food needs to travel, from production to plate. Therefore, as much produce as possible is locally sourced to reduce air miles and we are constantly on the lookout to improve our sourcing with this in mind. Once our delicious, ethical food has been carefully prepared, we then make every effort to minimise the distance travelled by ourselves when delivering to the customer. In doing this, the carbon footprint of our business minimised as much as possible, reducing the negative impact on our planet.

Corporate catering

As Wild Roots has adapted with the times to cater increasingly more to corporate environments, we are optimistic that our passionate approach to sustainable catering and eco-friendly practices can be an asset to other businesses exploring ways in which they can address the ever-growing issues we are facing. It is becoming more important than ever that we all do our bit to nurture our suffering planet, both as individuals and as businesses setting a positive example to the next generation. Fundamentally, there is always more that we can be doing to help: which is one of the most exciting prospects for Wild Roots moving forward!

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Wild Roots Kitchen & Bar puts sustainability, eco-friendly and low-waste catering practices combined with incredible food & front of house service, at the heart of everything we do.

We provide corporate & event catering to businesses across South Wales which we can deliver to your place or work, or individually to all of your delegates working from home, ahead of your virtual meetings.

To find out more about who we are and what we do, visit our home page or get in touch with us directly, at theteam@wildrootskitchenandbar.co.uk

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